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How to increase penis thickness and length

In our society many males think that their penis size is less than normal size, mostly this is only a myth, this is a psychological factor only.

But there are some real patient whose penis size is less and they require  the surgery

There are lots of options available by which we can increase penis size and thickness.

So first we will have to identify that exactly what is the actual size of the penis.

Penis size depends on body habitus /height /Health, ethnicity, and country you are residing in.

In India average penis size is 7 to 8 cm this is in the normal resting condition and when the penis is in erection size is approx 12 to 14 cm.

Micropenis is a condition where penis size is less than 6 cm.

In many males, penis size is normal but due to other factors, it appears smaller.

Like extra fat deposit in the lower body or around the penis. if this is due to a fatty body then it is called a buried penis, in which actual size is normal but due to fat penis size look less.

Before any procedure for penis size increment, we have to think that why we want to increase penis size.

Many people after watching pornography movies, imagine that penis size should be more as they have seen in movies.

But if you think practically while intercourse, in vagina penetration, is enough till 5 cm depth.

because the erotic organ is at the starting point of the vagina so if someone has more penis size then it is not necessary that you can give or feel more pleasure

Penis thickness is also important .if penis thickness is less than it can give less pleasure.

Our aim is to increase thickness and lengthening

There are many other fake treatment modalities available like oil,cream massage but truly they can not increase penis size or width

Usually we increase both penis size and thickness.

To increase thickness we use

1. filler injection : it is silicone based material which we used commonly in the cosmetic surgery .we insert it around penis. fillers stay temporarily for 8 to 10 months and its cost is also more so this is not common procedure

2. dermal graft : In the dermal graft we use the dermal skin graft from the our body and put them into penis below skin

3. fat grafting : Common and most successful procedure for increasing penis length and thickness is fat grafting

In this procedure first we do liposuction from abdomen area and take fat,and then we centrifuge the fat. After that we inject the fat in the penis under skin with the help of small syringes .
this is minor procedure ,takes two to three hours and patient can go back home after that.

Tha fat we inject in the penis is the patient ‘s own fat so there is no any side effect.


How much duration fat will stay in body?

Most of Fate will stay but about 25% fat will be absorbed and disappear from the penis in 1 year. May be we need to do this procedure after three to four year later but still substantial amount of fat will be in the penis and patient will be satisfied after this surgery.

How to increase penis length???

There are three option available

1. suspensory ligament release- we make small incision at the base of penis ,in the penis ligament and make it free so that its length can be increased in the flaccid condition . upto 2 cm size can be increase by this procedure

2. Buried penis- it can be condition when extra fat is deposited at the base of the penis .we do liposuction in this area or we can do mons tuck to reduce skin and fat so that penis apparent size will be increased.

3. Release scrotal web- in this procedure we make small insicion below the penis skin and disconnect the penis skin and scrotal skin so that it can be free and size can increase.

May time we use two or three procedure simultaneously to increase penis length and thickness of penis. We have to use different procedures for different patients

Post care surgery - this surgery take 1 to 1:30 hours and its day care procedure .we do this procedure in general anesthesia so that patient can not feel pain and can be discharge from hospital after 3-4 hours and from next day patient can do their official work.

we prescribe medicine like pain killers and antibiotics to avoid pain and swelling. Patient can do intercourse after 10 days.
Cost –cost depends on the patient requirements ,what changes patient want cost range is mostly

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surgical procedure to lengthen the penis involves cutting the suspensory
"ligament that attaches the penis to the public bone also skin is moved from the abdomen to the penis' shaft. When this ligament is cut, the penis appears longer because more of it hangs down."

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