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Affordable Gender Reassignment Surgery Cost in India @ Zenith Clinic


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Gender Identity disorder is now a well established psychiatric condition. In this genotype sex ( chromosomal sex ) and phenotype( body ) sexual characteristics are of one sex type either male or female but mentally and psychologically of opposite sex.So the person feels as if entrapped or caged in a wrong body. Best cosmetic surgeon offers Sex Change Surgery.
Being a psychiatric disorder it has to be diagnosed and certified by two psychiatrists of repute at two different times. Once gender identity disorder has been established the person is started on hormonal therapy and encouraged to cross dress.
After a period of one year if the patient is still found to be motivated for the sex change surgery in Delhi, it is undertaken. Also the patient has to take a legal undertaking giving the surgeon permission to operate upon him.

Male to Female Surgery Overview MTF surgery includes a spectrum of surgical procedures that transform male anatomy into anatomy that is more appropriately feminine.

Vaginoplasty Commonly referred to more generally as Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), Vaginoplasty is the surgical procedure for transgender women who wish to have the vagina they should have been born with.

In our skilled hands, the result has an authentic appearance with excellent depth, function and sensation. Plus, our technique does not require electrolysis or laser hair removal of the genital area before surgery.

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a collection of male to female surgery procedures designed to feminize a patient’s facial appearance. FFS can involve any combination of the following facial feminizing surgeries depending on each individual’s needs: hairline advancement; browlift; forehead contouring; orbital rim contouring; eyelid surgery; cheek augmentation; rhinoplasty; upper lip lift; chin augmentation; neck lift; face lift; or tracheal shave.

MTF Breast Augmentation provides trans women with expertly augmented and contoured feminine breasts. The breasts are enlarged by inserting breast implants behind breast tissue or under the chest muscles. Silicone polymer is used for outer shell of all implants, but there are various fillers, including saline and silicone. Silicone gel is used predominantly these days to create the most natural feel. Surgical technique and implant type and size selection will depend on your preferences and anatomy, and our doctor’s recommendation.

Body Feminization uses liposuction and fat grafting to enlarge the hips and buttocks. Fatty tissue can be removed from any part of the body to slim down or sculpt those areas and placed in your buttocks and hips to give you more feminine curves.

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Dr Sumit

Meet Dr. Sumit Jaiswal


He is qualified plastic reconstructive cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon. He has worked as assistant professor in the prestigious KEM Hospital Mumbai. He has done his studies in Indore, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Delhi and Mumbai. He is presently doing maximum number of gender reassignment surgeries in this region.

SRS Surgical Options in India

Female to Male Surgical Options in India

Chest surgery / breast removal (double mastectomy) in India
Removal of the womb (hysterectomy) in F2M Surgery in India
Removal of the ovaries (oophorectomy) in F2M Surgery in India
Removal of the vagina (vaginectomy) in F2M Surgery in India
Construction of a phallus (phalloplasty) or (metoidioplasty) in India
Creation of a scrotum with testicular implants (scrotoplasty) in India
Facial Hair Transplant - Beard and Mustache

Male to Female Surgical Options

Breast implants or Breast Fat Transfer for male trans in India
Removal of testicles (orchidectomy) in India
Removal of penis (penectomy) for male trans in India
Creation of a vagina (vaginoplasty) in India
Creation of a clitoris (clitoroplasty) for male trans in India
Creation of labia or ‘lips’ of the vagina (labioplasty) in India
Facial feminisation surgery for male trans in India

List Of Procedures Available

MTF Surgery

Breast enlargement (Fat graft/ Silicon)

Laser hair removal

Vagina creation

Voice change surgery

Facial Feminization surgery
(a) Nose Job
(b) Lip creation
(c) Fore head contouring
(d) Hairline correction
(e) Cheek implant
(f) Chin correction
(g) Hair transplant

FTM Surgery

Top surgery (key hole/Double incision)

Laparoscopic uterus every removal


Phalloplasty (Penis)

Scrotum creation ( testis implants)

Penis implants

Voice change surgery

Hair Transplant

All facial procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, during the gender change application, you need two witnesses, they can be from your family or friends. If you are married, it is better to keep your spouse as one of the witnesses.

No, there is no requirement of any surgery for making an application for gender change. You can make the application whenever you have decided to change your gender.

Here at Vakilsearch, we take about 6-8 weeks to get your gender change notification complete in the Gazette of India.


Natural and safe

FTM Double Incision Mastectomy (for large size breast)
FTM Key Hole Mastectomy (breast removal)
MTF Breast Enlargement (Before & After Surgery)
FTM Mastectomy
FTM Mastectomy Before & After
MTF Breast Enlargement After Surgery
MTF Vagina Creation After 1
MTF Breast Enlargement Before Surgery
MTF Vagina Creation After 2
MTF Vagina Creation Before 1
Phalloplasty (Penis Creation)1
MTF Vagina Creation Before 2
Phalloplasty (Penis Creation) 2

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Dr Sumit Jaiswal

Sex reassignment surgery in Indore, India

Sex reassignment surgery (SRS), is clinically known as genitoplasty procedure. It is being done to surgically change the genitalia of one gender to another. Fort most of the clients who go for this procedure, they identify themselves as the opposite gender. It is more about how physically and psychologically they feel about themselves. Today sex-change surgery or sex reassignment surgery has become really common.

But this wasn’t the case before. Earlier this was considered a taboo in the society and the people who actually went for this surgery had to face a lot many hurdles and backlash from the society itself.

This surgery is historically known as sex reassignment surgery (SRS). Mostly transition individuals went through this very surgery and gender reassignment surgery (GRS) was done on them. Transition individuals with gender dysphoria to their identified gender seek sex reassignment surgery. They feel like they are someone else from within and their bodies belong to someone else. This confusion can arise at any point in an individual. There have been many cases of gender change of people belonging to different age groups.

This condition is technically known as gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder. Even though it is rare but in the present scenario, it is becoming more widely diagnosed.

One term by which these people are identified is transgender.

These surgeries pertaining to sex change of an individual are known by a number of names. Some of the names b which this surgery is identified as include gender reassignment surgery (GRS), sex-change surgery, sex affirmation procedures, and genital reconstruction surgery.

There are a number of facets to this surgery and much confusion related to the same too. If one is looking for this surgery then having a number of doubts in mind is a given. Thus it is necessary to fist get well-informed about the pros and cons of it. The various side-effects of this surgery and the transformations that partake sex reassignment surgery are many and need to be well understood before proceeding to actually getting the surgery done.

Male to Female Transition

The procedures that change male genitalia to female ones include a penectomy which is the removal of penis and orchiectomy i.e. removal of the testes. These are typically followed by a vaginoplasty i.e. creation of female genitals. For those identified as male at birth and who will for transitioning to female, there may also be certain procedures that need to be carried out.

This may include the following-

  • Breast Implants
  • Gluteoplasty In Order To Increase Buttock Volume
  • Procedure To Minimize The Appearance Of The Adam's Apple
  • Administering Female Hormones
  • Facial Feminization Surgery (Ffs)

This procedure is carried out to soften the male facial features in order to give the face a female touch. Facial feminization often includes softening the brow line, rhinoplasty, smoothing the jaw and forehead, and altering the cheekbones. This is highly specific and varies from one individual to another. There is no definite parameter of conduction. Doctors make changes as per the requirement.

Chondrolaryngoplasty, commonly known as a "tracheal shave," is used t reduce the size of Adam’s apple.

Female to Male Transition

The procedure that changes female genitalia to male genitalia is called genitoplasty or in simple words creation of male genitalia. In this procedure, the tissue of the labia is used to create a penis. These are exclusively done and are not accompanied by other procedures.

For those identified as female at birth, the change to a masculine appearance can include hormone therapy with testosterone, a mastectomy, a hysterectomy procedure, and a cosmetic procedure to give the male appearance to the facial features of a former female.

Reasons Why a Person Undergoes Surgery

Many transgender people experience an incongruence between their experienced gender and the gender assigned to them naturally. This is called gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria may cause people to experience major upset their day to day life. They end up facing an existential crisis. The thought of living in a wrong body gets the best of them. Thus, they end up being socially awkward. These are some of the driving reasons as to why a person undergoes sex reassignment surgery.

Transitioning to Another Gender

Transitioning to another gender may involve:

  • Dressing and living in a gender role that is congruent with their gender identity. This is done without actually going through a surgical procedure.
  • Taking sex hormones or undergoing a surgery to get the desired effects.

The Role of Hormone Therapy in Transitioning

For transgender individuals desiring surgery for a sex change, hormone therapy, also called hormone replacement therapy (HRT) id done. It involves taking estrogen for a male to the female transition of testosterone for a female to male transition. This therapy changes the appearance of individuals.

The Effects of Testosterone on Females

When a biological female begins taking testosterone, then male characteristics start showing on her body.

Bodily changes include that happen after this includes the following:

  • Beard and mustache growth
  • Deepening of voice
  • Enlargement of clitoris
  • Increased body hair growth
  • Increased muscle mass and strength
  • Increase in number of RBCs
  • Redistribution of fat from the breasts, hips, and thighs to the abdominal area
  • Development of acne
  • Baldness or localized hair loss, especially at the crown
  • Atrophy of the uterus and ovaries

Behavioral changes include:

  • Aggression
  • Increased sex drive

The Effects of Estrogen on Males

When a biological male begins taking estrogen, then it results in an increase in female characteristics.

Changes to the body include:

  • Breast development
  • Loss of erection
  • Shrinkage of testicles
  • Decreased acne
  • Decreased facial and body hair
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength
  • Softer and smoother skin
  • Slowing of balding
  • Redistribution of fat from the abdomen to the hips, thighs, and buttocks

Behavioral changes include:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Mood swings

Testosterone Blockers for Transgender Women

When Are the Effects of Hormone Therapy Noticed?

The feminizing effects of estrogen and the masculinizing effects of testosterone start showing after a few first doses. But the actual transformation takes a long time. A number of bodily changes are a part of sex reassignment surgery. No wonder it takes time.

How Long Does the Surgery Process Take?

Surgery is delayed until at least one year after the start of hormone therapy and at least two years after the first mental health evaluation. Once it starts the duration depends on one person to another. It depends on a number of factors.

Surgeries Involved in Transitioning From Male to Female

Most often, surgeries involved in gender affirmation surgery are broken down into two types namely the top surgeries and the bottom surgeries. These are mentioned below.

Top surgery includes:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Facial feminization
  • Nose surgery or nose job
  • Eyebrows: A brow lift may be done to feminize a man’s eyebrows
  • Jaw surgery: The jaw bone may be shaved down
  • Chin reduction: Female chin structure is often more delicate and this surgery does the needed.
  • Cheekbones: Cheekbones may be enhanced
  • Lips: A lift lip may be done.
  • Creation of female hairline.
  • Male pattern hair removal
  • Reduction of Adam’s apple
  • Voice change surgery

Bottom surgery includes:

  • Removal of the penis (penectomy) and scrotum (orchiectomy)
  • Creation of a vagina and labia

Surgeries Involved in Transitioning From a Female to a Male

In the case of male to female transitions, surgery involves top surgery and bottom surgery.

Top surgery includes:

  • Subcutaneous mastectomy/breast reduction surgery

Bottom surgery includes:

  • Removal of the uterus and ovaries
  • Creation of a penis and scrotum (masculinizing genitoplasty)

Complications and Side Effects

Surgery is not without potential risks associated with it. Estrogen therapy has been associated with an elevated risk of blood clots. There is also a potential increased risk of breast cancer. Testosterone used in transgender men has been associated with an increase in blood pressure, insulin resistance, and lipid abnormalities.

With surgery, there are surgical risks such as bleeding and also infection. Thus one must stay vigilant thought the procedure and also during the healing process.

How Much Does Gender Confirmation Surgery Cost?

Surgery can be expensive for many transgender individuals. The costs include a number of procedures like counseling, hormones, electrolysis, and operations. It is more expensive to transition from male to female.

Quality of Life After Surgery

Quality of life appears to improve after gender-affirming surgery for people who undergo this prolonged procedure. It takes years to get the body one has been longing for. When it finally happens for them it is like a transforming moment for them. These people start feeling loved and perfectly normal.

A Word From Experts

Gender confirmation surgery is a lengthy process that begins with counseling and mental health evaluation. After this is complete, hormonal treatment is begun.

After hormone therapy has been continued for at least one year, a number of surgical procedures are done. They are broken down into "top" procedures and "bottom" procedures.

Surgery is costly, but a precise estimate is difficult due to estimates. This is because the cost of many variables including possible complications and the number and extent of surgeries selected is included.

Sex reassignment surgery MTF in Indore, India

Breast implants or Breast Fat Transfer for male trans in Indore, India

MTF Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that transforms the male chest into the likes of a woman’s breasts. This is done using breast implants.

Removal of testicles (orchidectomy) in Indore, India

Orchiectomy is a Male-to-Female Surgery procedure that removes the testicles. Orchiectomy results in a number of deformities like sterility and can reduce sex drive and male secondary characteristics.

Removal of the penis (penectomy) for male trans in Indore, India

A penectomy or surgical removal of the penis can be performed as a single surgery in which the penis will be used to form a vagina and labia. Also during the penectomy, the urethra will be redirected to allow for urination in the sitting position. The redirection and shortening of the urethra is referred to as urethroplasty. The skin for the formation of the female organs is done using the skin from the penis itself.

Creation of a vagina (vaginoplasty) in Indore, India

MTF Vaginoplasty is a male to the female changing procedure. In this procedure, the penis is converted into a function vagina and vulva.

It is made sure that the vagina gets secretory, flexible, hairless and pink, approximately 4" in depth and about 1-1.5" in diameter. Doctors also ensure that it has an erogenous sensation and urethra that enables urination while sitting.

Creation of a clitoris (clitoroplasty) for male trans in Indore, India

Clitoroplasty involves surgically constructing a neoclitoris from tissue taken from the top side of the glans penis or head of the penis. This organ is able to provide sexual sensation and the ability to orgasm. The penis is completely destroyed in the process.

Clitoroplasty only creates the clitoris and the rest of the vulva is created by labiaplasty, and the internal vaginal canal by vaginoplasty. These operations are usually carried out together. But it depends on what the client actually wants.

Facial feminization surgery for male trans in Indore, India

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a group of facial surgery procedures that transform male-looking facial features into female features. FFS is associated with multiple surgical specialties: oral and maxillofacial surgery, craniofacial surgery, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. So, this procedure really does make a difference.

Sex reassignment surgery FTM in Indore, India

Chest surgery/breast removal (double mastectomy) in Indore, India

Elective cosmetic mastectomy, or “top surgery”, is a procedure designed to remove unwanted breast tissue to give the look of a male chest.  This is an important surgery that transmen undergo. This makes them feel comfortable and they no more feel socially awkward.

Removal of Womb

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure in which all the parts of the uterus iis removed. Many a time the ovaries and the fallopian tube is also removed.

Removal of the ovaries (oophorectomy) in F2M Surgery in Indore, India

Oophorectomy is a surgical procedure to remove ovaries. When one ovary is removed then it's called unilateral oophorectomy. The removal of both ovaries is called bilateral. This procedure will usually be performed at the same time as your hysterectomy. The risk of ovarian cancer looms after this surgery.

Removal of the vagina (vaginectomy) in F2M Surgery in Indore, India

Vaginectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the vaginal lining thus closing the vagina. This procedure is lengthy and is really risky in nature. But that does not stop people from going for this very surgery.

Construction of a phallus (phalloplasty) or (metoidioplasty) in Indore, India

Phalloplasty surgery can provide a sensate penis and it is erogenous in nature too. In addition to this, there also exists rigidity while sexual intercourse.

Phalloplasty Surgeons construct the penis using tissue taken from the forearm, leg, back, abdomen. These are termed as the donor sites.

Creation of a scrotum with testicular implants (scrotoplasty) in Indore, India

Scrotoplasty and Testicular Implants create pleasing scrotum and testes. It is performed in one or two stages. The resulting scrotum is fused in the midline.

Facial Hair Transplant - Beard and Mustache in Indore, India

Facial hair growth is a bigger symbol of masculinity and thus needs to be eliminated in this condition. Hormone treatments can help immensely when it comes to growing facial hair. If they do not give the desired results then one can take the help of hair transplantation surgery to get fuller beard.