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For many men, the appearance of male breasts can cause them to be embarrassed about taking their shirts off in public. It stops them from doing simple activities like going to the beach, swimming and potentially being reluctant to show a partner their chest. The appearance of not having a “masculine” chest affects their confidence as a person. Hence getting rid of gynecomastia will generally have a large impact on their life, making them feel comfortable and confident in their own body.
The male breast reduction procedure removes fat and or glandular tissue from the breasts, and in extreme cases removes excess skin, resulting in a chest that is flatter, firmer, and better contoured. Liposuction can result in asymmetry, dimpling, wrinkling, unevenness and surface irregularities over the treated area which can usually be avoided by VASER ; making it the treatment of choice for gynaecomastia. More often than not, male breast reduction thane is combined with VASER lipo of the abdomen, flanks and back for complete body contouring in males.

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Dr Sumit

Meet Dr. Sumit Jaiswal


He is qualified plastic reconstructive cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon. He has worked as assistant professor in the prestigious KEM Hospital Mumbai. He has done his studies in Indore, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Delhi and Mumbai. He is presently doing maximum number of gender reassignment surgeries in this region.

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FAQS Gynecomastia Surgery & treatment

Healthy Men of any age who are conscious about their chest size.

Although the majority of cases happen due to unknown aetiology (idiopathic) but certain drugs such as anabolic steroids, Alcohol, Marijuana etc. & some diseases like Impaired Liver function, cancers etc. may cause Enlargement of the Male Breast.

During Consultation, you will be asked about your expectations. The surgeon will evaluate your chest size, glandular enlargement, skin quality & determine what can be achieved.

Typically it involves Liposuction done through a small stab incision in the axilla, to remove the excess fatty & Glandular tissues. If a Glandular tissue is firm, it needs to be excised by a small incision in the periareolar area. In Post Bariatric cases, Skin excision may also be needed.

Gynecomastia Surgery will result in a firm, flat & more contoured chest. Skin because of its elastic property will reshape to chest new contour. Results are permanent.

There is small (5-6mm)scar at the entry point of Liposuction ports, which will be hidden in an Axillary crease. There may be some scarring in Nipple-Areola region but it fades away with time.

1. After Consultation with the surgeon, you will be asked to get few blood tests done, to ascertain your general fitness for Gynecomastia Surgery.
2. Gynecomastia or Male Breast reduction is a day care procedure. You are asked to come to the clinic in the morning.
3. Gynecomastia is done under Sedation/General Anesthesia. The Gynecomastia Surgery lasts for 1-2hrs on an average.
4. You will be shifted to your room after that. Your Chest would be wrapped in gauze dressings.
5. You can go back home in evening.
6. There may be some Postoperative Swelling and bruising over the chest, but it settles down fast.

First, follow up on the 3rd day after Gynecomastia surgery. Your gauze dressings would be removed and will be asked to wear a pressure garment for at least 1-3 months.
After that, you will be called on the 7th day for stitch removal.

You can resume your personal chorus in the evening. But we advise you to keep your activities restricted for at least 3 days. Vigorous movements of the arm may be restricted for few weeks.


Grade 1/2/3 - ₹36000.
Grade 4 - ₹41000 For very small puffyness.
If done under lical anaesthesia, Cost is ₹25000

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Dr Sumit Jaiswal

 Gynecomastia commonly known as man boobs is a condition in which a male suffers from having protruding boobs. A man thus ends up suffering from an enlargement breast or chest area. This condition can affect one breast or both the breasts. It arises due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Men produce the hormone testosterone while women produce estrogen. When a man ends up producing more quantity of estrogen as compared to testosterone then it leads to gynecomastia.

The most characteristic change that a man ends up developing is breasts. This can come out as a huge discomfort in men. It can even lower their confidence and morale. But one must jump to conclusions when suffering from enlarged boobs. This can happen as a result of puberty, obesity, reaction to certain medications, etc. Thus, wait for some time. If the enlargement does not ease off on its own then one can go seek a doctor’s advice.

Many a time this condition goes on its very own. If it doesn’t then you will be needed to consult a doctor for surgery or medical treatment of man boobs.

At what age is a male is more vulnerable to gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is not at all age specific. This condition can occur in men of any age group. Many develop breast enlargement after hitting puberty. This gets cured on its own. Many men ends up having gynecomastia as they age. So, if you fall in either of these categories then you certainly have nothing to worry about. Breast enlargement as result of puberty goes on its own.

Older men are kind of more prone to this condition. Medical surveys have pointed out that men between ages 25-90 suffer some or the other type of gynecomastia. In some the effects are visible as in others they are not. Some of the main reasons that leads to gynecomastia in adult men are consumption of alcohol, thyroid, cancer, drugs, etc.

How is gynecomastia caused?

Both male and female hormones are present in men and women. In case of men, they produce more testosterone and less estrogen. While women produce more estrogen and testosterone in less amount. When this constitution gets altered then one ends up facing problems abnormalities.

Gynecomastiaoccurs when a male starts producing larger amount of the hormone estrogen or the female hormone. As a result of which men start developing enlarged breasts which is a primary female character. This imbalance in a man’s body caused this very condition.

Phases of Gynecomastia-

At Birth

Gynecomastia typically goes away after two to three weeks after the birth of a male child. Well, it is common for babies to have enlarged breasts. There is nothing to worry about here as it goes away in a month or two. So, enlarged breasts in boys just after birth is not at all a reason to worry about.

During Adolescence

A number of changes occur in our body when we hit puberty. Both the sexes experience these changes. These changes happen between ages 12 to 14 years.This happens as the hormone levels change drastically in the body. So, no wonder there will be an imbalance of hormonal activity in one’s body. So, getting enlarged breasts at this very point of time should not be fretted about. It can take between 6 months to 3 years to disappear on its own completely.

If this persists for a longer duration then seeking medical help is a must. One can take refuge in drugs or other treatment method for getting rid of enlarged breasts. But wait until to come to conclusions. In majority of cases, man boobs in adolescent boys goes away on its own.

During mid-life

Gynecomastia between the ages of 50 and 80 can occur due to some underlying ailments like obesity, improper diet, tumors, typhoid, anabolic steroids, tumors in testicles, kidney problems, usage of certain drugs, etc. In addition to this fertility problems and consumption of alcohol, marijuana, heroin, etc.can accentuate your chances of landing up with gynecomastia.

Medications like Finasteride for enlarged prostate, Spironolactne, amiodarone and calcium channel blockers, cimetidine and proton pump inhibitors for heartburn, diazepam for anxiety, ketoconazole for fungal infections, etc. can end up triggering this condition. Men who fall under this age group are more prone to gynecomastia. So, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Who are more prone to get gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition wherein a boy who reaches puberty is more prone to it. This is because at this stage of life one suffers hormonal imbalance in the body. But on the brighter side, there are more chances of this condition disappearing on its own.

Other factors in men like ageing and reaction to certain medication can trigger it. Diseases related to the liver can also contribute to men developing gynecomastia. After a certain age men are prone to developing health problems. Thus, at this stage men are really vulnerable.

Symptoms of gynecomastia

  • Soreness or tenderness in breasts.
  • Enlargement of tissue on the breast region of men.
  • Increase in size of the glandular tissue rather than the fatty tissues.
  • A disc like protrusion on the chest area of men

How is gynecomastia diagnosed in Indore?

  • This condition is diagnosed by a number of medical examination techniques. This may include breast exam, medical history and medical review of the patients. The first symptom of this condition is breast tenderness or pain in the breasts.
  • A movable disc like structure appears on the breasts of men.
  • A person's medical history, family medical history, etc. are also checked.
  • Certain medication taken by a person or herbal intake is also paid heed to. A thorough examination is carried out for diagnosing gynecomastia.


soreness or tenderness of breasts.

  • Increase in the size of breasts in men.
  • Increase in glandular tissue
  • Nipple discharge
  • Tenderness in nipples too
  • A disc like lump just below the nipple region.
  • Enlargement of glands in the armpits.

Surgical Treatment of Gynecomastia in Indore

The initial treatment of gynecomastiais done with the help of drugs or medications. In most of the cases this turns out to be beneficial. But in case it does not work then surgery is the next option.

Gynecomastia surgery is also known as male breast reduction surgery. It is also called mammoplasty. Since, we are dealing with mammary glands here. In gynecomastia the glandular tissue of the chest enlarges rather than the fatty ones. After surgery this very enlargement is reduced. Post the surgery one can enjoy a firm and flat.

Who is a well-suited candidate for undergoing treatment for gynecomastia in Indore?

The following conditions should be met before a man goes for gynecomastia.

  • Men who are of age.
  • Men who are non-smokers.
  • Men who have a history of breast enlargement.
  • Men who didn’t find refuge in medication.
  • Men who have been suffering from gynecomastia for a long time.
  • Men whose medical history allows the surgery.
  • Men who do not have an underlying medical condition.
  • Men who are medically fit for the surgery.
  • Men who have undergone all the examination tests.

Consultation for gynecomastia surgery in Indore

Proper consultation is necessary before one goes for any kind of surgery. One must take medical help from a certified doctor who has had a history of working with gynecomastia patients. The doctor will let you know about what tests you need to undergo. Then the amount and type of anesthesia will be administered at the time of surgery. Do not have any doubts before you go for the surgery. Make up your mind and then head on. You can even ask the doctor to show you before and after pictures of the surgery.

Questions to ask doctor before undergoing gynecomastia surgery in Indore.

  • Are you eligible for the surgery?
  • Have you received proper certification from American Board of plastic surgery?
  • Am I a suitable for this surgery?
  • How long will the surgery last?
  • When will the surgery be conducted?
  • What are the risks involved in this surgery?
  • How long will it take for me to recover from this surgery?
  • What is the recovery period post the surgery?
  • What are the complications post surgery?

How to prepare oneself for gynecomastia surgery day?

  • The candidate undergoing the surgery will be asked to take some lab tests.
  • Quit smoking
  • Quit drugs
  • Quit taking aspirin and other inflammatory drugs
  • Provided proper medication
  • Provided a revised medication course

Steps of the surgery at Zenith Cosmetic Surgery, in Indore


This is the first step wherein the patient is either administered an intravenous sedation or a regular anaesthesia. This depends upon the choice of the doctor and his understanding.

Liposuction methods

Liposuction is the method by which the excessive fat from the breasts region of men is taken out. In this technique a hollow tube called cannula is inserted. Then this cannula is moved back and forth in order to loosen the fat. When this is done, the fat is easily sucked out.

Excision technique

This technique is used when it comes to treating the glandular tissue. It is done when the nipple is to be adjusted with respect to the overall contour of the body of the man.

Both Liposuction and Excision

Many a time both of these two techniques are coupled together to help men get rid of gynecomastia.

Results after surgery in Indore

The results of the surgery is immediately visible just after the surgery.

But the scars incurred as a result of the incisions made take time to go away.


The recovery period from gynecomastia surgery varies from person to person. It takes around 4 to 6 weeks to get cured completely.

Some of the common symptoms after the surgery include tenderness, slight pain, etc. in the chest area. Numbness in the chest portion is also seen in many. You may need to follow complete bed rest after the surgery.

After two weeks of the surgery, one starts feeling good. It is after 3 to 4 weeks that a patient is allowed to do his day to day chores.

Scarring depends on the skill of the very surgeon and the degree of gynecomastia suffered by a person. So, a lot depends on the skill of the surgeon and also the overall lifestyle choice of the patient post-surgery.

Recovery timeline of gynecomastia surgery

The recovery period varies from person to person. It also depends on the type of gynecomastia. Thus one cannot definitely say for what period of time a person will take to recover from the surgery. The surgery takes around 4 to 6 weeks to get cured completely.

2-3 days after surgery

Some patients experience a light numbness in the breast area within 2 to 3 days of the surgery. Some even experience swelling. If this happens one must use a compression cloth the ease the swelling.

3-4 weeks after surgery

After two weeks of the surgery, men start feeling normal. But the compression garment is to be work for around a month after the very surgery.

6 weeks after surgery

Then after 6 weeks, a person is allowed to carry out all types of activities.

Pain Management and Scarring

The pain subsides after 2 to 3 days. It can be managed by medication if intolerable. If pain worsens then patients can take Tylenol.

Scarring is an issue that also depends on the skill of the very surgeon. A lumpy or bumpy scar is also observed in some. So, make sure you get your surgery done from a skilled surgeon.

Tips for speedy recovery post gynecomastia

  • The patient must follow post-operation procedures.
  • The patient must wear compression garments.
  • The patient must take ample care.
  • The patient must drink lots of water.
  • The patient must keep taking supplements.
  • Itchiness is a common cry post this surgery. So, it needs to be paid heed to.

How to choose the perfect surgeon for the gynecomastia surgery in Indore?

Choosing the right surgeon is really important. One must make sure that the surgeon is certified and is qualified enough to carry out the surgery.

One can search on Google for the best surgeon available for treating gynecomastia. Then do some background checks on the very surgeon. Proper certification from the Indian Board of Plastic Surgery is a must.

Look into the review section of the hospital. Then take a look at before and after pictures. These let a lot about the expertise of the surgeon.

Then comes the types of techniques that the surgeon uses to do the surgery. Make sure that the surgeon is good at his job. Then lastly make sure that you have completely made up your mind to get the surgery done by this very doctor.