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Affordable Virginity Restoration Cost in Indore @ Zenith Clinic


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Dr Sumit

Meet Dr. Sumit Jaiswal


He is qualified plastic reconstructive cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon. He has worked as assistant professor in the prestigious KEM Hospital Mumbai. He has done his studies in Indore, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Delhi and Mumbai. He is presently doing maximum number of gender reassignment surgeries in this region.

Hymenoplasty or Hymen Reconstruction Surgery is a procedure to artificially restore the hymen. The aim of a hymenoplasty procedure is to reinstate bleeding during sexual intercourse, in particular for the woman who is getting married for the first time. Hymenoplasty is culturally sensitive and linked to a belief in certain cultures that the hymen is proof of virginity.

Rerformed in three Ways

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Simple Hymenoplasty Surgery

Under the local anesthesia, this simple procedure can be performed and involves the piecing together the remnants by closing the tear, and is carried out as closely as possible to the date of the wedding.

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Vaginaplasty Surgery

This is a ‘larger operation’ where an incision is made in the vaginal membrane and both sides are pulled and stitched together. This requires more time for healing as the process is more complex and time to heal is needed.

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Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty Surgery or Labial Fold Excision is to reduce the size of the labia minora/majora lips which may extend due to childbirth or due to aging factors. The surgery is to beautify the labia also. For eg, some may be having a dull or dark color of labia and surgery may help to get the fresh kind pinkish color labia minora/majora lips.
Surgical Procedure of Labiaplasty
The surgery may take around one hour and only experienced cosmetic surgeon perform this surgery. It is the minor procedure in comparison to vaginoplasty and hymenoplasty. During the surgery, the surgeon removes excess excess tissue giving perfect shape by stitching it together from top and bottom. Apart from the suturing or stitching method

Will I Have Scarring After Hymenoplasty Surgery in Indore?

most of the cases there will be no scarring or any other evidence of surgery few weeks aftehymenoplasty. The sutures are self dissolving and taken inside vagina.

Pre Hymenoplasty Procedure Precautions
During pre-procedure consultation you will receive all information regarding hymenoplasty procedure which will help you take informed decision
You will undergo clinical check up, blood investigations and chest x-ray for evaltion of fitness for surgery.
Stop smoking for at least 2 weeks before the procedure.
Stop Aspirin, painkillers, antioxidants or nutritional support 7 days before the procedure.
Discuss with your surgeon about your past major illness .
Inform your surgeon regarding any current illness like diabetes, blood pressure for which you are taking any medicines. Also inform him if you have had any recent illness like cold, diarrhea etc.
Post Hymenoplasty Procedure Instructions
Hymenoplasty is a day care procedure. You will be allowed to go home after 4-6 hours.
You are advised to take rest for 3-4 days after which you can join your work depending upon your comfort level.
You will need to keep the area clean and will be on antibiotics to prevent any infection.
You should use warm compresses and ice-packs to ease pain and swelling.
You can start taking bath 2 – 3 days after the surgery.
You need to refrain from sex till 6-8 weeks after the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hymenoplasty results in a normal hymen that will increase yourself worthiness and appreciation. This hymen will rupture and shed blood in case you engage in sexual intercourse again.

You can confine in our specialists when it comes to virginity restoration. It is absolutely a private matter specifically between you and the doctor.

No, general or local anesthesia is used during the procedure, rendering it painless and comfortable. Similarly, painkillers are provided to control pain after the surgery.

No, the hymen forms part of the vulva, and its main function is to protect the inner reproductive organs from infections and injuries. A professional surgeon conducts the procedure without outstretching to the inner organs.

The procedure takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

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