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For many men, the appearance of male breasts can cause them to be embarrassed about taking their shirts off in public. It stops them from doing simple activities like going to the beach, swimming and potentially being reluctant to show a partner their chest. The appearance of not having a “masculine” chest affects their confidence as a person. Hence getting rid of gynecomastia will generally have a large impact on their life, making them feel comfortable and confident in their own body.
The male breast reduction procedure removes fat and or glandular tissue from the breasts, and in extreme cases removes excess skin, resulting in a chest that is flatter, firmer, and better contoured. Liposuction can result in asymmetry, dimpling, wrinkling, unevenness and surface irregularities over the treated area which can usually be avoided by VASER ; making it the treatment of choice for gynaecomastia. More often than not, male breast reduction thane is combined with VASER lipo of the abdomen, flanks and back for complete body contouring in males.

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Dr Sumit

Meet Dr. Sumit Jaiswal


He is qualified plastic reconstructive cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon. He has worked as assistant professor in the prestigious KEM Hospital Mumbai. He has done his studies in Indore, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Delhi and Mumbai. He is presently doing maximum number of gender reassignment surgeries in this region.

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FAQS Gynecomastia Surgery & treatment

Healthy Men of any age who are conscious about their chest size.

Although the majority of cases happen due to unknown aetiology (idiopathic) but certain drugs such as anabolic steroids, Alcohol, Marijuana etc. & some diseases like Impaired Liver function, cancers etc. may cause Enlargement of the Male Breast.

During Consultation, you will be asked about your expectations. The surgeon will evaluate your chest size, glandular enlargement, skin quality & determine what can be achieved.

Typically it involves Liposuction done through a small stab incision in the axilla, to remove the excess fatty & Glandular tissues. If a Glandular tissue is firm, it needs to be excised by a small incision in the periareolar area. In Post Bariatric cases, Skin excision may also be needed.

Gynecomastia Surgery will result in a firm, flat & more contoured chest. Skin because of its elastic property will reshape to chest new contour. Results are permanent.

There is small (5-6mm)scar at the entry point of Liposuction ports, which will be hidden in an Axillary crease. There may be some scarring in Nipple-Areola region but it fades away with time.

1. After Consultation with the surgeon, you will be asked to get few blood tests done, to ascertain your general fitness for Gynecomastia Surgery.
2. Gynecomastia or Male Breast reduction is a day care procedure. You are asked to come to the clinic in the morning.
3. Gynecomastia is done under Sedation/General Anesthesia. The Gynecomastia Surgery lasts for 1-2hrs on an average.
4. You will be shifted to your room after that. Your Chest would be wrapped in gauze dressings.
5. You can go back home in evening.
6. There may be some Postoperative Swelling and bruising over the chest, but it settles down fast.

First, follow up on the 3rd day after Gynecomastia surgery. Your gauze dressings would be removed and will be asked to wear a pressure garment for at least 1-3 months.
After that, you will be called on the 7th day for stitch removal.

You can resume your personal chorus in the evening. But we advise you to keep your activities restricted for at least 3 days. Vigorous movements of the arm may be restricted for few weeks.


Grade 1/2/3 - ₹36000.
Grade 4 - ₹41000 For very small puffyness.
If done under lical anaesthesia, Cost is ₹25000

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