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Dr Sumit

Meet Dr. Sumit Jaiswal


He is qualified plastic reconstructive cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon. He has worked as assistant professor in the prestigious KEM Hospital Mumbai. He has done his studies in Indore, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Delhi and Mumbai. He is presently doing maximum number of gender reassignment surgeries in this region.

Forehead Reduction / Frontal Bone Reduction

Frontal bone reduction is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting frontal bossing. It involves reshaping the frontal bone to achieve a more natural and aesthetically pleasing contour of the forehead and done by zenith clinic in indore.

Forehead/Eyebrow lift

Eyebrow lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure done to raise the brows also known as brow lift or forehead rejuvenation. "It can be done to treat low, sagging & uneven brows, can be done in addition to other procedures such as facelift or eyelid surgery."


Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess skin from upper "& lower evelid. It can be done to treat the droppy upper eyelid and under eye bags. It can also done for correcting deformities, defects & disfiguration of eyelids for aesthetically modifying the" appearance of eye.


Malar augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure done to add volume or to lift cheeks for better aesthetic appearance. Aesthetic correction of flat malar eminces is done by the use of implants or "fat grafts, creating the appearance of higher, more prominent cheek bones gives more youthful appearance through fuller cheeks or restore form lost due to trauma or pathology."


Dimple creation is a minor cosmetic surgical procedure done to create dimples which is considered as an attractive facial feature for many people. """If you are not born with it, you can naturally have it"""

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Chin enhancement surgery, also called genioplasty, improves" "contours of the chin, neck and jawline. Typically, surgery involves placement of an implant around" "a patient's existing chin bone to augment the size and shape of the chin and achieve a more naturally attractive balance between facial features. When performed by a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon, chin enhancement can provide a permanent solution to improve a weak or recessed chin

Chin Reduction

A chin reduction, or mentoplasty plastic surgery, is a cosmetic procedure to" reduce the size and shape of the chin through alterations to the mandible bone "(aka the lower jaw bone or chin bone). Macrogenia or an overly large jaw, benefits from direct reductions to the chin bone for improved contours of the chin, neck, and jawline. Often a chin" "reduction is combined with other cosmetic procedures like a rhinoplasty, neck lift, or facelift for significant facial rejuvenation."

Double Chin Correction/Chin Liposuction

Chin tuck (submentoplasty): A chin tuck focuses only on the chin and upper neck. It tightens the skin and removes extra fat.

LIP Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips. This procedure adds volume to thinning lips, creating a more youthful appearance." "There are several types of lip augmentation, including lip fillers, implants, fat transfers and lip lifts."

LIP Reduction

Lip reduction surgery involves removing skin tissues from the lower or upper lips," "or sometimes both. This is done in an effort to reshape the entire lip area. During the procedure," surgeon makes an incision in a Horizontal line in the pink inner portion of your lip. This minimizes "scarring. The surgeon then removes excess fat and tissues from the lip to reduce its overall volume. Once all the targeted tissues are removed, the surgeon will close up the incision with stitches." These usually fall off on their own within a few days or weeks

Cheek Implant/Cheek Fat Grafting

Cheek fat grafting, also known as fat transfer or autologous fat grafting, involves using a patient's own fat tissue harvested from other areas of the body (e.g., abdomen or thighs) to add volume to the cheeks Or Cheek implants involve the insertion of synthetic materials, such as silicone or porous polyethylene, into the cheeks to create volume and definition. The treatment is done by Dr.sumeet jaiswal in indore at zenith clinc.

Cheek Reduction/Zygoma Reduction

Cheek reduction, or zygoma reduction, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to modify the size or prominence of the cheekbones, specifically the zygomatic arches. These bony structures contribute to the lateral contour of the face and can affect one's overall facial appearance which is done at zenith clinic in indore.

Buccal Fat Reduction

Buccal fat reduction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to reduce the fullness of the cheeks by removing a portion of the buccal fat pads, which are naturally occurring fat deposits located in the lower part of the cheeks. And this is done at zenith.

Lip Lift

A lip lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the lips by shortening the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose. The main goal of the lip lift is to elevate the upper lip, making more of the upper teeth and the pink lip tissue visible when the lips are at rest, and creating a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Lip Fat Grafting

Lip fat grafting involves a two-step process. First, excess fat is gently harvested from a donor area, typically the abdomen or thighs, through liposuction. The collected fat is then purified to remove impurities and damaged cells.This Treatment is done in indore at zenith clinic.

Chin tuck / Chin Liposuction

A "chin tuck" is essentially a neck lift, a surgical procedure addressing both sagging skin and excess fat in the neck and chin region. On the other hand, chin liposuction focuses solely on removing localized fat deposits in the same area and is a minimally invasive procedure. The choice between these procedures depends on individual goals, the extent of the issues, and preferences for surgical or non-surgical interventions. Consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon is essential to determine the most suitable approach for achieving desired results.

Chin Implant/Chin Fat Filler

Chin implant surgery, also known as chin augmentation, is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the size and shape of the chin. It is commonly chosen by individuals seeking improved facial balance, a more defined jawline, or a stronger chin profile.The treatment is done by zenith clinic in indore.

Jawline Sculpting

Jawline sculpting is a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing the appearance of the jawline to achieve a more defined, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing facial contour. This procedure has gained popularity as people increasingly seek ways to achieve a well-defined and chiseled jawline

Chin Dimple Creation

Chin dimple creation is a relatively straightforward surgical procedure that typically involves making a small incision on the chin's surface. The surgeon then places a small implant or sutures the chin's soft tissue to create the desired dimple.

Smile Reduction

Smile reduction is an elective cosmetic procedure that allows individuals to address concerns related to excessive gum exposure during a smile. It can boost confidence and improve self-esteem by providing a more aesthetically pleasing smile.The treatment is done in indore at zenith clinic.

Neck Lift

A neck lift typically involves making discreet incisions behind the ears and possibly under the chin. Through these incisions, the surgeon tightens and repositions underlying neck muscles and tissues, removes excess skin, and may perform liposuction to eliminate surplus fat in the neck and chin area. The neck lift surgery is done at zenith clinic in indore.

Face Lift

A face lift, medically known as a rhytidectomy, is a comprehensive cosmetic surgical procedure designed to address multiple signs of aging in the face and neck. It is chosen by individuals seeking to reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, and achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.


Dr Sumit Jaiswal