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Hair Transplantation in Bhopal

Hair Transplant in Bhopal

Hair transplantation is a hair restoration treatment in which individual hair follicles are moved from a part of the body known as the 'donor site' to bald part of the body called the 'recipient site'. Pattern and frequency of loss is different in men and women. The hair transplant surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, with injected local anesthesia, which lasts for about 6 hours. Zenith Plastic Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre Bhopal helps in providing naturalhair line and improves hair-density. We understand that hair loss affects a person physically as well as mentally. With the help of qualified doctors we help our patients to get better results. Zenith Plastic Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Centre is one of the known centers for hair transplantation in Bhopal. We provide a reliable and affordable technique for hair transplant.

Hair Transplant in Bhopal

Benefits of Hair Transplantation are:

• Your hair will look and grow naturally. The color remains the same as original.

• The two most popular hair transplant techniques used are FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation). FUT involves extraction of a strip of tissue where hair follicles are located. Usually it is taken from the back or sides of the head. And FUE involves extracting follicles one at a time directly from the "Donor Site" and harvests to "Recipient Site" via micro-punching the grafts containing 1-3 hairs.

• Hair transplant surgery is safe. No special medicines or chemicals are used for the treatment.

• The transplanted hair will be manageable and permanent.

• The donor area will be a permanent zone, means that even if hair is extracted from there, hair will grow back.

The popularity of hair transplant in Bhopal is increasing day by day as it is a safe, successful and efficient procedure for hair restoration. The patients going for this surgery are in a comfortable environment and the procedure is easy and pain-free.