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A lipoma is a fatty lump situated just below the skin.

Rarely they are single, most people have multiple lipomas. Treatment is needed if they are cosmetically looking bad or they are causing pain.

Treatment is surgical excision. It's done, under anesthetia so its painless procedure. In Traditional surgery an incision is made onto swelling and lipoma is removed. This procedure creates a large number of holes and also large scar size depending on the size of the lipoma. We do LIPOSUCTION PROCEDURE, in which by small hole some solution is infiltrated which break down fat and through same hole fat is suctioned out. So here there will be a very small hole and very few numbers of holes so the chance of scar is less and recovery is fast. Patient can go back home in few hours and resume his work from the next day. Cost of lipoma surgery depends on the size of lipoma and number.


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